We’ve reached the halfway point of the year and it’s the time when people often find themselves wondering and checking to make sure they are moving along with their list of goals and things they want to accomplish.  It is usually the time that a lot of us realize that we have a lot more we want to do in the six months that are left of the year.  But in the midst of rushing to check off those things on your list let’s not forget that writing is a craft that must be nurtured.  It has to be studied and practiced with great discipline and we have to not be singularly focused on one aspect of writing but rather learn and observe all aspects of writing, all of the various genres and styles, and learn from other writers who are where we want to be.  So try to remember how important it is to nurture and cultivate your writing craft and to be disciplined in practicing it.

Uniquely Yours,


Jimmetta Carpenter