I have followed this blog for quite some time now and I have found wealth of information within this site that helps writers with their questions and concerns about the publishing of your work but also with the development of your story altogether.  I hope that you can make use of the wealth of information that is provided in this blog.

About the Nail Your Novel blog

Roz Morris has more than a dozen published novels under her belt, has ghostwritten for major publishers and high-profile writers and has been in the bestseller lists.  She has written fiction herself (represented by Piers Blofeld at Sheil Land and Jane Conway-Gordon) and also critiques manuscripts.

Originally she was a journalist, but decided she preferred making stories up – the most insignificant fact could keep me diverted for hours, thinking ‘what if…’

She is endlessly interested in this process of writing, in how people do it – and in figuring out what works and what doesn’t. She loves working with stories – and that’s why she critiques the work of others.

Roz Morris is a professional writer, editor and writing blogger living in London. You’ll have seen her books on the bestseller lists but not under her name because she ghostwrote them for other people.  She has edited for a leading literary consultancy in London and is now a freelance book doctor.

Her first novel, under her own name, is My Memories of a Future Life. It’s available on Kobo, Kindle and in print. You can listen to a free audio of the first 4 chapters here.  She is also the author of a writing book – Nail Your Novel: Why Writers Abandon Books and how you can Draft, Fix and Finish With Confidence, written from her experiences mentoring other authors.

You can Roz Morris on Twitter as @ByRozMorris and also as @NailYourNovel.  In addition you can find Roz Morris using any of her personal links below:

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