I have only began following this blog within the last few months but already I have come to love reading the posts that show up in my inbox.  I find this blog to be informative and engaging and I hope that you find it as helpful as I do.

Jeff Goins is an author, blogger, and speaker who is passionate about helping people live and tell better stories.  Originally from the Chicago suburbs, he now lives in Tennessee with his wife, son, and dog.  He works remotely for the nonprofit organization, Adventures in Missions, where he led efforts in marketing, innovation, and communications. Currently, he is a Communications Director.  As an award-winning blogger, he writes several times a week for his blog and other publications.  His writing has been featured on some of the most popular blogs on the Internet, including Copyblogger, Problogger, and Zen Habits (voted by TIME Magazine as one of the top 50 websites of 2008).

As an author, Jeff writes about how people’s lives can make a difference through the stories they live. His first book, Wrecked: When a Broken World Slams into Your Comfortable Life (Moody Publishers), was released in August 2012.  As a missionary and nonprofit marketer, Jeff has seen and experienced incredible stories of life change and redemption.  He considers it part of his life’s calling to share them.

Jeff started this blog in 2010 with some burning questions:

  • How do successful writers make a living?
  • What does it really take to get published?
  • When is it okay to pursue a passion?
  • Why do writers write?

What he found in this search was a community of like-minded individuals sharing many of the same struggles.  Here is where we wage war on the blank page, where we band together to find purpose in our art and lives.

If you have a passion for creativity and changing the world, this blog is for you.