If you plan to write and sell Ebooks online, choosing a subject you know something about is a place to start. Some eBook authors areexperts on the subject they write about, some are at the very least merely familiar with the subject. If you are only familiar with a subject, having a writing background will help you much like a reporter will cover a story they know little or nothing about. They know how to get the information they need to make the article believable. Same thing goes for an author that will research a subject or story before they write about it. However you need not be a writer to write an Ebook. Of course you can outsource your writing as well as this is very common place in the eBook publishing world. Although I have found that writing it yourself and being an expert on your subject will build much more credibility. It will make your job much easier.

Doing a search to see what else is out there on the internet on the subject in question will help you to narrow your choices. It is usually a good idea to pick something that already has a market but little competition. Making a list with all the subjects that you are familiar with will help to determine what subject you just might be able to write about.There are lots of things that people will want to buy information on. The list is really endless. To sell Ebooks online, the key is to have something that is unique and that you are an expert on.

I wrote my first eBook on the coffee shop business; more specifically how to open a coffee shop because I opened one and had first-hand knowledge of it. I have discovered that the internet is really big place and someone finding the information that they need can be very time consuming. Having it in eBook form can be very beneficial for most of these people searching. In the world of eBook publishing if you know something about a subject, write about it. Someone else will find value in it.

I did not know that I had an eBook in the making when I opened my coffee shop. When I decided to sell information online, I thought that I just might have something others would benefit from. And I was right! You may be a jewelry designer that can write a how-to eBook on how to design the best jewelry, open a jewelry store, where to buy the best supplies, things like that. Take a few minutes and write down what you know about, or have a good interest in. You may just have an eBook that others will find very useful. It will also enable you to sell Ebooks online. Happy writing!

Tony DiCorpo is a coffee shop owner, roaster and business consultant. He has authored many articles and several Ebooks. Tony has extensive experience in business and more than 20 years experience in sales, customer service, business management, entrepreneurship, marketing, public relations and website design and development and internet marketing.

He also assists other entrepreneurs write, market and sell their Ebooks via his how-to Ebook titled How to Make and Sell an Ebook.