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Write 2 Be Magazine Marketing and Promotion Campaign

Helping to get your book and your name out there!

Write 2 Be Magazine wants to be a part of your plan for promoting yourself and your work!

Write 2 Be Magazine has a new ad campaign which includes not just an author interview but also a full page ad for your book or current project that will run for three months, a pinned post of your ad and links to the fan page and on the magazine’s twitter feed to also run for three months, and finally a reserved spot on the new Write 2 Be podcast that will be starting in February 2020.

How much is this ad campaign going to cost? For a limited time you can get everything in the above package for the low price of $100 for the full three months.

Don’t know if you want the three month campaign, not a problem! For only $50 you can get your author interview and your full page ad run alongside your interview for just one month. (This selection does not include a reserved spot for the upcoming Write 2 Be podcast)

To set up your promotional package with us you can email us at Write2BeMagazine@gmail.com so we can get started today!



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